Periodical cramping

Ever missed school, work or a party because of a period? If you have like me, you have probably experience period cramps at the start of your period. For most of us, these cramps can be pretty severe. Dysmenorrhea is severe menstrual cramping pain that occurs before and during a period, and includes symptoms like […]

Naps and sleep before your period

In the lead up to a period, I love a good afternoon nap. It turns out this is more common than I thought. People with periods report poorer sleep quality, sleep duration and more disrupted sleep during the week before their period and whilst menstruating than at any other time during their menstrual cycle. Sleep […]

Book Review: Period – Twelve voices tell the bloody truth

“I won’t call on the moon like in a real poem, or anthropology or the bible or talk about being untouchable, or power etc. I’ve nothing at all to say, but to exercise my freedom to speak about everything” – Bernadette Mayer, from Ode on Periods. Period: Twelve voices tell the bloody truth is a […]