About the podcast.

About a Period is a conversation about periods and menstrual health aimed at empowering women through period positivity and period pride. As part of a larger conversation about gender equality and menstrual equity, the About a Period’s episodes follow the menstruation experiences of people, organisations and their communities. As I travel the world meeting some of these people and organisations, I hope to share the range of approaches to menstrual health and the current stories we tell (and don’t tell) about our menstruation. 

In conversation between friends and soon to be friends, it is my hope that this podcast helps contribute to the wider period movement to help break the taboo of the period, and helps to remove period shame in all its forms.

About me, the host.

I had my 1st, 2nd and 30th period in Australia. My mum always kept a stash pile of pads under the bathroom sink, so it wasn’t a big deal when I got my period, because I could sneak a pad from the pile without anyone noticing. I assumed that everyone experienced their period like this, sneaking pads from an endless supply and getting out of sport at school. Girl, was I wrong.

Growing up, I had never heard of chhaupadi, bashali, rules that prevented hugging another menstruating female, or touching certain foods. I didn’t know that some women used sponges, mud, newspaper or lambskin skirts to prevent period blood from spilling out. I had never heard of a tampon applicator (I’m Australian), or reusable period underwear (didn’t exist yet when I experienced menarche).

I can’t remember when I became interested in periods, but I manage to bring up the topic in conversations everyday. I have a Masters in Reproductive Medicine from the University of New South Wales and I have undergraduate degrees in communications, social science and medical science. I am extremely passionate about menstruation, how we interact and live with periods, and I hope to share that with others.

If you have any questions, feedback, or you’re interested in being on an episode, please email me at