Talking about periods

I’m asked often by friends if I can please not bring up periods within the first few minutes of being introduced to someone new. I think it is important to talk about periods, to share advice and stories about puberty, blood, leaking, cramps and period poops, so within a few minutes of meeting someone, I’m recommending period products and talking about period poverty.

There’s lots of information out there and it can get a little confusing figuring out what works and what’s safe, and when to see a doctor. There’s also lots of amazing people working in this space, challenging taboos, removing the tampon tax, fighting for menstrual equity and asking each other about their uteri.

Follow my journey learning and sharing everything menstruation.

Lisha Erwin


Masters in Global Health (ongoing)

Masters in Reproductive Medicine (2018)

Bachelor of Medical and Health Science (2018)

Bachelor of Communication and Media (2014)

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